Our Photo Booths

We have two options when it comes to providing a photo experience for your event: An Open Booth or a Closed Booth.

Closed Booths

We pride ourselves in providing the most largest and most elegant Photo Booths in Birmingham. Our booths are nearly 4 feet wide – cozy enough for couples, and still wide enough for large groups. No other enclosed booth in the area can handle more than 2 guests at a time. Our Photo Booths are set up on site and covered in elegant black velvet draping, designed to fit in with any environment. The experience is computer-controlled, with up to 4 images per session.

closed booth samples

Open Booths

For events with a more formal look, or with larger groups, we can also provide an “Open” Photo Booth setup for your event. Our professional photographer will ensure that each image is perfect before printing, and your guests can preview their images beforehand to make sure they are happy with it before printing. Think of it as a mobile portrait studio – with props! Be aware that because of the need for our professional photographer, availability of the Open Booth is limited to a single event per day. Confirm availability, please!

open photo booth